50 microns digital breast tomosynthesis

One of the key performance indicators for Digital breast tomosynthesis is its ability to resolve overlapping structures along the Z-axis (vertical direction). For this reason the AMULET Innovality is equipped with two different tomosynthesis acquisition protocols, providing optimized dose for screening (15° acquisition) and structures separation performance for diagnostic (40° acquisition) mammography.

Featured with FUJIFILM’s proprietary HCP technology (learn more here), AMULET Innovality image output spatial resolution has been designed to complement the different acquisition protocols.

When applied to diagnostic mammography, a wide tube sweep (40°) and 50 micron pixel image, provides extremely accurate result both in terms of resolution of overlapping structures and detail enhancement.  The result is a more precise lesion depiction and characterization with a high level of accuracy.

See more samples of Amulet Innovality Dual Mode Tomosynthesis images here.

Effect of wider angle acquisition and higher spatial resolution in microcalcifications depiction
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