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50 microns digital breast tomosynthesis

One of the key performance indicators for Digital breast tomosynthesis is its ability to resolve overlapping structures along the Z-axis (vertical direction). For this reason the AMULET Innovality is equipped with two different tomosynthesis acquisition protocols, providing optimized dose for screening (15° acquisition) and structures separation performance for diagnostic (40° acquisition) mammography.

Featured with FUJIFILM’s proprietary HCP technology (learn more here), AMULET Innovality image output spatial resolution has been designed to complement the different acquisition protocols.

When applied to diagnostic mammography, a wide tube sweep (40°) and 50 micron pixel image, provides extremely accurate result both in terms of resolution of overlapping structures and detail enhancement.  The result is a more precise lesion depiction and characterization with a high level of accuracy.

See more samples of Amulet Innovality Dual Mode Tomosynthesis images here.

Effect of wider angle acquisition and higher spatial resolution in microcalcifications depiction

Fujifilm releases CEDM images during 2017 EUSOBI scientific congress

At 2017 EUSOBI scientific congress, which took place in Berlin on October 22nd-23rd, FUJIFILM has officially introduced its new Energy Subtraction option, to be used in CEDM exams. Dr. Anna Russo, from “Sacro Cuore Don Calabria” Hospital (Negrar – Italy) has presented preliminary data and images from a clinical trial which is currently undergoing by her site.

Amulet Innovality Energy Subtraction optional software is commercially available since May, 2017 and can be installed on all the Innovality units already on the field.

AMULET Innovality shows at ECR2018

ECR2018 provided the stage to introduce the latest advancements in Fujifilm's women's healthcare solutions.
A pair of AMULET Innovality units,  highlighted the operational and clinical advantages of the company's flagship in Digital Mammography such as, Dual Mode Tomosynthesis, Updated Synthesized 2D and Energy Subtraction imaging. 
The newly released Bellus II diagnostic workstation provided the participants with access to these images through a Mammography optimized wortkflow.

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