Interventional procedures

The AMULET Innovality incorporates highly advanced features for interventional breast imaging. Designed to meet the demands of today's modern Breast Imaging department with Stereo and Tomo guided biopsy in both vertical and lateral orientation. AMULET Innovality also supports VAB and alternative needle technologies typical of breast biopsy.

Spatial Resolution

A major consideration in the technical specifications, which describe digital mammography system performances, is the spatial resolution.

Microcalcifications detection and depiction require adequate pixel size, and Fujifilm’s AMULET Innovality provides 50μm pixel image both in 2D and tomosynthesis exams. A feature which remains unsurpassed by any other digital mammography technology.

Different targeting support

The optional modular Biopsy system incorporates an automated and motorized needle positioner, used with both stereotactic and tomosynthesis guided targeting (tomobiopsy).

The AMULET Innovality needle positioner can also adopt a lateral orientation, further enhancing the flexibility for workflow and offering an extremely optimized and customizable patient positioning.
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