Diagnostic mammography

The high image quality and diagnostic accuracy provided by the AMULET Innovality makes Fujifilm’s flagship FFDM unit an ideal solution for diagnostic mammography environments.

Spatial Resolution

A major consideration in the technical specifications, which describe digital mammography system performances, is the spatial resolution.

Microcalcifications detection and depiction require adequate pixel size, and Fujifilm’s AMULET Innovality provides 50μm pixel image both in 2D and tomosynthesis exams. A feature which remains unsurpassed by any other digital mammography technology.


In the event of the adoption of digital tomosynthesis in breast imaging, AMULET Innovality expresses a unique feature: two acquisition modes are available on operators’ choice in order to provide ideal results in terms of efficiency and accuracy balance.

With 15 exposures over a 40° tube sweep angle, AMULET Innovality’s HR (High Resolution) mode is the ideal tool for diagnostic assessment.

The superb image quality, coupled with the high overlaps removal performance, allows AMULET Innovality to provide sharp and detailed images that are extremely useful to enhance any abnormal finding even in the densest breast.

Magnified and spot views

A wide range of accessories allows AMULET Innovality users to perform both magnified and spot compression views: dedicated paddles are available with round or square shapes, with different sizes and suggested applications.
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