Breast screening

Fujifilm designed the AMULET Innovality to provide high level of support to breast cancer screening procedures. The combination of high throughput and diagnostic efficiency allow AMULET Innovality to operate in any demanding workflow environment, while maintaining supreme patient care and comfort.

Worklist management

The full DICOM integration capabilities with HIS and RIS systems make it possible to operate quick and secure patient identification and procedure selection: thanks to the secondary high resolution display the operator can access all patient data and the images related to prior exams without leaving the exam room.

Automatic positioning

The movement from one view to the next is executed with extreme simplicity: the “single touch” button allows the operator to position the system in few seconds with high precision.

Views sequence can be automatically set on the acquisition workstation, further emphasizing the functionality of auto-positioning features.

Patient compression and positioning

AMULET Innovality is provided with lateral armrests and with an optional lower one: patient safe and comfortable positioning is ensured in all conditions.

A complete set of compression paddles can support the ideal positioning of any kind of breast and patient size, in order to guarantee excellent image quality, patient discomfort reduction and dose optimization.

Dose reduction

Thanks to advanced proprietary technologies such as ISR and FSC, AMULET Innovality is capable of significant reduction in the dose to the patient per view: “S-View” synthetic 2D processing is also capable of reducing the number of exposure in the event of a screening examination performed with tomosynthesis technique.


In the event of the adoption of digital tomosynthesis in breast imaging, AMULET Innovality expresses a unique feature: two acquisition modes are available on operators’ choice in order to provide the best results in terms of efficiency and accuracy balance.

For application in breast screening procedures, ST (standard) mode is performed with 15 exposures over a 15° tube sweep: an extremely fast acquisition is performed, to enable its application even in highly demanding workloads.

Data management and storage

High workload sites, typical of breast screening programs, need to optimize data volume management. With throughput that can reach up to one patient every 5 minutes, network and storage performance is critical, more so with the potential for tomosynthesis to replace or to be added to 2D imaging.

Fujifilm’s proprietary acquisition technology makes it possible to customize pixel size output, with a significant level of optimization of image size: resulting in less waiting time, less necessary storage volume, and higher workflow efficiency.

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